Developing feed widget in CSS3

CSS3 in conjunction with JQuery can be used to develop an attractive feed widget which would display the feed on blog or website’s sidebar. This can be used to display the latest posts, news or comments present on the website. The choice between different feed formats can be set according to the requirement. First of all, we need to set the HTML structure of the widget. For this, we would use the following code:

After this comes the part of CSS3, which would be used to style the widget. Only the styles that are directly used by the widget are included here.

In the above code, special hover class has been defined for the #activeTab div. instead of the regular :hover pseudo-class. This has been done because the later is more appropriate only when multiple tabs need to be shown. After CSS3, we make use of JQuery for specifying the declarations of different feeds and handling the output of those feeds.

You can create additional functions and include them in the tabs object. This would further enhance the functionality of your feed widget.

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