WP Landing Pages – WordPress Plugin

WP Landing Pages allows you to create landing pages on your WordPress website. No need to hire a designer to create you landing pages. Its just as easy as creating pages in WordPress. Available with multiple templates to choose from.

Some Features

* Add landing page
* Up to 5 templates to choose from
* Auto responder integration
* Customize all text, wordings as per your needs
* Change background image or color as needed
* Customize auto responder form
* Show/hide fields from auto responder
* More to come soon

Start creating beautiful landing pages


* To create new landing page, go to WP Landing Pages > Templates. Click Use this template button under any template you
* It will open the template in new window. On your left side, enter page name first and submit. This will save
the page in your WordPress site. You can then customize the page
* If you wish to edit an existing created template/page. Go to your WP-Admin > Pages. Click on the page title
which you created from WP Leads. and then click the Edit Template Button above the editor box

Here is the auto responder integration video for MailChimp.

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