CSS3 Image Effects

CSS3 filters can be used in many useful ways. One of the benefits you can utilize is to apply image effects using CSS3. CSS3 image effects can be applied in standard HTML tags with some new attributes added in CSS3. In this quick tutorial, we will go over a few tricks to implement the effects like image blur, brightness, contrasts and a few more options. We will use a stock photo which I have added below as an original view. Later in this tutorial, we will use the same image to apply the CSS3 filters and effects on it.

CSS3 image effects

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How to remove index.php from WordPress permalinks

January 9, 2014

Tweet WordPress’ pretty permalinks is something every blogger loves. It creates nice and search engine friendly URLs on your WordPress blog or website. Have you ever faced that sometimes you have to have index.php in your permalinks to make it work? Something like www.example.com/index.php/post-title/ ? I know it is annoying and we all don’t like […]

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WP Jobs Plugin

December 10, 2013

Tweet WP Jobs allows the site administrator to list jobs. Right now it is a small plugin which is very simple and to the point. The online application system has basic fields and CV attachment features. We are still enhancing the plugin and adding more features to it. Do let us know if you think […]

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Utilizing Chatwing – Group Chat URL

November 15, 2013

Tweet Creating and using a chatroom has never been this interactive and easy with Chatwing chat software. This chatting tool has been embedded by many sites and used by people all over the world to chat with their friends, families and more. You don’t have to be a site owner to use Chatwing. If all […]

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How to create a property listing or real estate website in 10 minutes (video tutorial)

October 6, 2013

Tweet Real estate website Real estate business is always a highly scalable business. The best approach to get more potential clients is to put together a website which would allow your properties to be listed and get exposure online. The next important question you would have is the costing and having the web site done. […]

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WordPress 3.7 is coming soon! What new you are going to get?

October 3, 2013

Tweet WordPress 3.7 No doubt we all love WordPress, its ease of use and awesome themes are so lucrative. WordPress is soon to be releasing its new updated version of WordPress 3.7. Automatic updates in background Yes, you heard it right. Now you won’t have to worry about updating WordPress yourself. WordPress’ new version 3.7 […]

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Google Hummingbird, a new gift from Google on its 15th birthday

September 28, 2013

Tweet Google Hummingbird Google has been working lately on its voice search and recognition with variety of features inside. A latest release of Google Hummingbird takes its voice search to the next level with great enhancements and user experience. Google search  is now taking full phrases and questions to understand what the user is actually […]

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With eAssistance Pro live chat software real-time interaction can get lot more fruitful

September 20, 2013

Tweet eAssistance Pro If you believe in real-time interaction overcoming any physical boundaries, then nothing is better than eAssistance Pro live chat software! Just imagine within a matter of a few clicks, you would be able to provide online help chat support to customers that your competitors have never thought. The fact is that in […]

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BackBlaze — Online backup made easy

September 18, 2013

Tweet BackBlaze My today’s review goes for BackBlaze. This is a service I can say goes beyond from the standard backup services out there. That is true. They have some thing unique to grab the attention of their subscribers. The company aims to provide an easiest way to backup your data by offering the short […]

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