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Movavi Video Editor Reviewed!

Movavi Video Editor
I recently gave a try to Movavi Video Editor and realized how easy it was to use being newbie in video editing using a GUI based software programs.

It is fairly quick and easy to edit any video, any length of video. It has some tools to help you cut, trim, adjust the videos and audios. I was also able to create videos using my family photo collections. It was so easy and my kids loved the videos.

I will explain a few quick tools of the program so it helps you understand how easy it is.

1- Add media to your project

Movavi video editor needs a project to be created for each video you want to create as a single video file. So using a project, you can add unlimited videos, audios, photos etc to generate one final video. It is simple to add media to the project. Once you add them, it is just drag and drop to move objects around. You can also increase or decrease the length of each video clip or photo to as much as you want.

2- Audio and voice over

Movavi video editor also allows you to record your voice on any video clip or photos. You can also use another pre-recorded audio or import a background music on it. This helps you merge everything and synchronise with your video so it doesn’t bring any flaw in your final edited video.

3- Project technical settings

It also comes handy with so many options to choose for video and audio codecs. You an adjust the settings based on your requirements. It can also export videos for h.264 and MPEG-4 codecs which is the most common codecs so far.

4- Transition effects

The software also comes with a great collection of transition effects. If you are creating a video using a collection of your Powerpoint slides or photos, you always want to use some transition effects between the change of slides. Movavi video editor has the feature with a big collection of transition effects

Overall, I found this software very easy and quick editor program for me. It saves me a lot of time yet creates my video editing job so easy.

There many more features the program has, it is better if you give it a try yourself.

You can download the a Free trial of the program here. It has Windows and Mac versions both.

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