Microsoft Windows 8 – 6 reasons you should consider upgrading

Windows 8

windows 8
A completely different start up interface of Windows Microsoft could offer ever. I like the way I can see the big icons on my screen, scroll and search. More like a mobile experience on a big screen. I would like to suggest about 10 reasons you should consider as positive and benefits in Windows 8 when you plan to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8.

1- Optimized for touch devices – Windows 8 is fully optimized if you are using touch screen on your computer, laptop or tablet etc. The big rectangle and square icons help find things easier. The metro UI makes it fun using your computer.

2- Optimized speed – Windows 8 is nicely optimized for boot time and speed issues. Previous versions of windows have taken almost 30 seconds and above in booting up good profile computer. However Windows 8 has reduced this time frame to under 15 to 20 seconds only which is considered very good so far.

3- Improved security – As per recent upgrade of Windows 8, Microsoft confirms that this is the most secured version of Windows Microsoft has offered.

4- Theme and color scheme – Windows 8 has made easier to personalize the desktop and customize its color scheme and photos. Its even easier to change background colors.

5- Windows Apps – The very new feature Microsoft has implemented is Windows Apps. Similar to mobile apps, Windows 8 can also have apps and can be installed directly from the Microsoft app store online. It is also very easy to start building your own app for Windows 8 now.

6- Integrated SkyDrive – Microsoft’s back up and storage service ie; SkyDrive is now fully integrated with Windows 8. It also allows other apps to use your files directly from SkyDrive folder just like a normal folder on your hard drive. On top of all, SkyDrive is also available in Mobile apps and other tablet devices to synchronize your data everywhere.

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