Basic SEO tips you need to remember when building a site

Basic SEO Tips

Let us assume you are developing a website like everyone else. For a beginner this is a guide to remember some basic SEO tips for better search engine rankings. As long as you are developing a content rich website, you need to make sure that you are creating your HTML pages using proper DocTypes, correct META tags, keyword rich page titles etc.

1) Proper use of Meta tags

Meta tags first priority in our basic SEO tips standard. And meta tags are very important for any website. It defines most of your website to search engines. Meta elements must be placed in the head tag of your web pages, and should provide clear description about your web page, related keywords to your page and a defined title.

For example, you have a site about dog training, your meta data should be defined like below.

So if you realize the above meta elements, they explain everything basic needed for search engine listing. Meta tags have 4 attributes, content, http-equiv, name, and scheme. The required attribute is only CONTENT.

2) Heading tags

Like other HTML tags, heading tags are also most important and play a role in on page optimization of your web page. You must define your keywords in at least H2 headings. It would be great if you can use H2 to define your keywords on page. You also need to make sure that there is no hidden keywords in your web page which a user cannot see easily.

3) Image Names and ALT Attributes

Images play a handsome role in your web pages. You need to ensure that your image file names and ALT attributes are define properly. Each graphical image should have its ALT attribute. An example below.

4) Search engine friendly URLs

When you create new internal pages of your website, make sure you name the pages correctly and they should be search engine friendly. Google loves HTML URLs, and if you used either your keyword or the actual page name in the filename, that would be great. For example if you have an internal page saying COMPANY PROFILE, it would be better to name that page like about-dog-training-services.html. This will be more effective in order to get indexed.

5) Other minor tips

A few more minor items we have in our basic SEO tips standard which are…

  • Make sure you have a single version of your website, use 301 redirect to keep your site either on www. OR without www.
  • Try to validate your HTML and CSS with w3c validator service. This will be more effective to your site’s search engine listing.
  • User appropritate bold/italic tags to display your keywords better. These tags play a very minor role on page optimization.

If you follow these basic rules, you will be good to go with your initial website. Further improvements in indexing can be found using strong back links and many other SEO stuff.

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