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beanstalkBeanstalk is another tool I have been using with my team on a higher level. From basic websites to large scale web applications, I and my team are using beanstalk all the time. It feels really comfortable and relaxed when we all are using beanstalk. We always know that our code is safe and secure. If anything goes wrong on a live website, I can immediately revert my changes with a couple of clicks on line. It even doesn’t give the chance for my client to see the bug on his live website 🙂

I was looking to use SVN systems previously without realizing the value and time saving options. One of my friends  referred me to beanstalkapp.com and gave me ideas on actually their tool works. I started to learn more about their tool and features they are offering. There is a nice trial offer of 30 days FREE of cost which I joined immediately and started to play with. Later on I brought a couple of my team mates into it to see how it helps us with the management of large scale applications.

To be honest, we found it really awesome. It is kind of a worry free tool for us when we put all our applications live with beanstalk.

I would like highlight a few important features of beanstalk which I really love so far.

Integration with 3rd party tools and partners

Beanstalk is integrated with many popular 3rd party tools and partners. It is seamless process to implement your code and discuss it via Basecamp. Likewise, it has many other apps and tools integrated. Just to name a few are Campfire, Sifter, Zendesk, Zapier, HipChat and many more. On top of all, it has its own Rest API and web hooks to manage the alerts and updates to the team for different updates and stages.

Automation at its best

The automated features built into beanstalk app are great. I can set up multiple FTP and SSH servers and environments. The files my team commits on the SVN repository would automatically go online on live and production servers. I can choose to auto upload or manual upload. It can also deploy to Amazon S3. I love this!

Activity feeds and code reviews

That is really a nice feature where I can see all the activity and history in the dashboard. I can find out easily which team member is doing what and easily blame the code online. It helps avoiding the mistakes and review code together with other team members.

All in all, I have found this tool really an easy system to manage my team and their code and all the work they are doing.

If you think I am missing to highlight some of the features or options from beanstalk, I would appreciate to know them. Please leave them in the comments below.

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