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BackBlazeMy today’s review goes for BackBlaze. This is a service I can say goes beyond from the standard backup services out there. That is true. They have some thing unique to grab the attention of their subscribers.

The company aims to provide an easiest way to backup your data by offering the short sign up form and instant download. The website has an online members area where you can manage your account and data information any time and any where.

All your files and data is stored on their highly secured and super fast servers which you can access on the go using your computer, laptops, tablets and any mobile devices.

The CEO of the company Mr. Gleb Budman has 5 real reasons to make it work for the consumers.

  • Making the sign-up simple: just enter an email/password & click download.
  • Not requiring users to pick & choose files and folders. Simply back up all data.
  • Making the service completely unlimited: unlimited data, unlimited file size, unlimited file type, unlimited bandwidth.
  • Backing up external hard drives.
  • Keeping the pricing inexpensive & simple at $5/month.

Besides that, the software and service itself has many other great features. If you far away for a long time from your computer or laptop, you can instantly get all your data in a USB flash drive right on your current doorstep through courier service. Yes, they will send all your data to you via courier services if you order online.

Another great feature their product offers is that it backs up everything on your computer. Means you don’t have to choose what to backup, it will just back up everything except the installed software and operating system on your machine. Which really makes me feel comfortable and on top of it, there is no limit of storage capacity. It is really a great advantage you can avail.

BackBlaze also provides you another feature feature is to backup your files in run time. The moment you edit and save your files, BackBlaze will immediately make its backup. So you don’t have to worry if you forget backing up that important file or the hassle of schedule of backups.

Also if you like to ensure all your family and staff computers are backed up, they have a great and an inexpensive plan for you. Just $5 per month per computer and you and your family or staff computers are all in safe hands.

I recommend BackBlaze personally as I see real benefits of using it. Join BackBlaze Now!

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