SQL is one of the most widely used and powerful languages for accessing databases. The operations performed by SQL include data insertion, deletion, query, updating data and data access control. For instance, a short code used for data insertion is:

The above code adds rows (formally tuples) to an existing table, in this case My_table.

SQL is further divided into several language elements such as clauses, expressions, predicates and queries etc. Although SQL is both an ANSI and an ISO standard, many database products support SQL with proprietary extensions to the standard language.

The one main advantage of using SQL Server is the use of stored procedures. Stored procedures are lines of code that are called by the application. They are placed on the server, and they are pre-compiled for quicker response times. Stored procedures require the knowledge of SQL Server syntax, which is called T-SQL (transaction SQL).¬†Further, the issue of security, which happens to be one of the most crucial issues over the web, has been efficiently tacked in SQL. SQL Server allows the administrator to grant access or deny access for users. The SQL Server has a specific section of the application where users are added to the permissions. SQL Server allows administrators to specify which tables and stored procedures users are able to access and query. This limits what records and user information can be queried, which protects the business’s customer information. Other than that, SQL Server has an automatic backup option. The SQL Server automatically saves a copy of the database and the transaction logs on another hard drive or media like a CD-ROM or a DVD.

These diverse and thoroughly beneficial features of SQL have made it one of the top preferences for any web developer.

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