Web programming with ASP.NET using C#

ASP.net is Microsoft’s latest platform for Web application development – to build dynamic web sites, services and applications. Being more efficient and systematic than its predecessor, ASP, it requires the web programmer to have a knowledge of at least one of the object oriented languages, since ASP.NET provides an object oriented method for creating and interacting with web pages.The language which Microsoft exclusively introduced for this purpose is C# (also known as C-sharp). C# is the most powerful and cleanest language that has even been used with ASP. Although C# is a desktop client, to develop an application in ASP.net, C# is essentially used with the .NET framework. After installing the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK separately you should be able to open a command line window and run the C# compiler from any directory. Asp.NET provides the application developer with several controls like HTML controls, HTML server controls and web server controls to perform basic and advanced operations.

Development of web application in ASP.net requires programming of interrelated software components and eventually merging them into one complete task to perform the required job. These separate components are known as objects. These objects are defined within classes which contain the properties of these objects and the methods within which these objects would be tackeled. These features are essentially provided in object oriented programming languages, in this case C#. Being a apart of Microsoft’s .NET framework, ASP has the ability to take advantage of rich class libraries provided by Microsoft, and this facility is provided by Microsoft itself with the help of C#.

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