Maybe you’re asking about the difference between ASP.NET and C# Web Projects. Many programmers are convinced that C# is for desktop applications and ASP.NET is only for Web. ASP.NET is a web platform where we can use VB.NET or C# as code behind. The main difference is the platform, C# is desktop client and ASP.NET is Web. We can use C# and VB.NET, or desktop client applications.

ASP.NET is a platform developed on the .NET Framework; its strong point is that it is delivered on web technology based format. We can also talk about ASP; the fact is that there is no connection between ASP and ASP.NET, except a few things transported to the ASP.NET platform.  To create ASP.NET applications you need a server which can run as any web server. Usually, IIS is used for ASP.NET applications. It is mandatory to have the .NET Framework platform, desktop applications need it too.  Applications developed in ASP.NET or VB.NET/C# require the .NET Framework to be running on the computer.

If you wonder is developing in VB.NET or C# is considered an ASP.NET application, the answer is no.  ASP.NET Web site and windows applications are both developed in .NET their type is very different. ASP.NET web site is a website and it is possible to access it as a web site. A Windows application is purely a desktop client application. An ASP.NET application is web based, a Windows application is a standard desktop Windows application.

ASP.NET is a web platform where one can use VB.NET or C# as code. These languages, VB.NET and C# can be safely used for ASP.NET development or desktop applications. There is only one difference – the platform. The most common for ASAP.NET is VB.NET, C#, ADO.NET and a database access layer to communicate with databases. This layer is also built in the .NET framework. OOP features of C# as we can apply them to ASP.NET Web Development are the huge advantage of VS.NET.

C# is very similar to Java, so Object Oriented Concepts are a strong tool for developing on ASP.NET.

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