8 osCommerce Addons – must have for a Robust Ecommerce website

Oscommerce has been a great shopping cart web based software. Its free and open source. It provides a variety of features in order to run a successful ecommerce website. Having a lot of features, there are stile some additional features you will need in order to make your oscommerce website robust and search engine friendly.

Ultimate SEO URLs

This addon will build the category and product URLs search engine friendly. Using this addon will provide you better indexing in search engines.

Easy Populate & Products Attributes

This add-on makes easier to populate your OSCommerce store with products without using the web interface at all. This also lets you download all your products into a csv file, edit them in the spreadsheet of your choice, and the reupload them to update your products, changing prices, categories, quantities, etc.

Discount Coupon Codes

This add-on allows you to setup discount coupons for your customers. It also allows you to configure with a start date, number of times a coupon can be used and a minimum order limits.

Purchase Without Account

This will allow your customers to purchase without registering on your website. It is easy for customers who do not want to spend time registering on the website or just don’t prefer to do it. They can simpyl go ahead and purchase without signing up.

On the Fly Auto Thumbnailer using GD Library

This add-on will dynamically generate thumbnails of your product images. It works very efficiently with GIF, JPG and PNG image formats. It also maintains the proper ratio of the dimensions of the image and does not create any additional files on your hosting server.

Separate Pricing Per Customer

This mod allows setup groups of customers so you can easily assign pricing structure for each group.


This add-on allows you to link products to each other to upsell / suggest items that customers might also wish to purchase.

Recover Cart Sales

This add-on is very helpful when you want see what people were trying to buy on your website but they didn’t complete the orders. You can see reports and see how sales are being converted on your site.

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