Creating Simple Puzzle Game with HTML5 Canvas

A lot of interesting developments can be performed with the help of HTML5 <canvas> element. In today’s tutorial, we would create a simple puzzle game with the help of this element. The HTML and CSS that we would need for initial stages is quite easy to comprehend. Specifically, we would need <canvas> element with specified ID and a container styled with some CSS:

A brief explanation of the steps involved in development is in order. First of all, we need to create a field with 5 by 5 light panels. Since the light switch in the game turns on and off at regular intervals, we need to apply that logic accordingly. The starting position and coordinates of the game can be adjusted with the help of JavaScript.

Code for the remaining directions can be added accordingly. The function repaintPenal () is explained as follows:

Above function was the most important in the implementation of this simple game and with this, you can try out this game on your browser. It might not be as good as the original version of the game but you would certainly enjoy it.

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